Towers of Talmont

 Welcome To Talmont

Towers of Talmont is a Gorean city located at the base of the Southern Voltai mountains on a naturally occurring plateau,  which  was established  in 2005. It is protected from attack by two deep gorges with sheer cliffs on both sides and the strength of the mountains at the cities back.

Similar in construction to Ar, Talmont has two exterior walls. The outermost wall is constructed from brick and concrete, faced on the outside with smooth faced stones. The base of the wall is 60 feet thick and it stands approximately 100 feet high. Along the front of the outer wall there is a ten foot ditch that has been dug. The inner wall is 90 feet thick and is 300 feet tall. An avenue that is 100 feet in width separates the two walls. It is paved with stone and surrounds the city.

There are several gates which allow entrance to the City. These are known as:

    Fortune (Market) Gate-- Merchants pay a toll here to enter the city. The street has been widened so that carts bearing goods going to and from the Market can pass side by side. The street leads directly to the Marketplace.
    Cernua (Head) Gate-- The easternmost gate of the city. The heads of those who have been executed are stuck on pikes outside the gate as a warning. This is the main gate for citizens passing into and out of the city.
    Mund (Main) Gate-- The Northern most gate of the city. The Main Gate is an impressive gate, featuring a barbicon at the entrance. Prominently displayed upon the face of the gates are the Arm's of the CA, in declaration that the citizens of Talmont have thrown their support behind him.
    Adnatus (Chained) Gate-- This is the gate that prisoners and slaves pass through. It leads directly to the Street of Brand's in the Slaver's Quarter. It is also known as the Gate of Tears or the Gate of Chains.
    Night Gate's-- The Night gates are opened from dusk till dawn. They are heavily guarded and they are the only way to enter or leave the city after dark.

The streets of the city are cobblestone. Only the main streets have names which have been painted upon the sides of the buildings. The largest of the city streets have been adorned with flowers, tree's and fountains. The streets are cleaned at night by city owned slaves. At night, only the main streets have oil lamps that are lit by the members of the lamplighter’s caste. Many of the cities streets are dark and citizens are responsible for their own lighting.

Due to the rough terrain the  bosk and verr are  allowed to graze off the moutains lush  grasses... after  awhile the verr are brought in and sheared as well as milked to make cheese, the bosk are milked also and fatted for slaughter if needed. Along  with the cheese are the small vats of homemade Talmont wine made from the grapes harvested off the rich slopes of the Voltai.

Towers of Talmont is a learning home as well as an active gorean home so we follow Gorean protocol. Honor and respect are required .We are a no kill and no capture home except in the forest which is clearly marked as such. Plenty of nice rooms, taverns and alcoves for guests to relax and enjoy..

We have some very nice tours , prop rooms and markets for you to shop till ya drop in. We also have games and fun rooms for your entertainment. The Gorean Knowledge section has wealth of information within it for those that seek more

 So come in and relax , enjoy and make some new friends !!

    ¶ §t@rdeck¶§¶ †TOT†ÇA  Caste of Builder's